International Society of Stereographers (ISS) From Stereographers, For Stereographers


The International Society of Stereographers (ISS) is aiming at providing a platform for stereoscopic professionals worldwide. We cover both on set and post production talent.

Admission to this organization will involve a 4 step process in order to keep a high level of expertise and professionalism within the organization


  1. Provide a professional database of stereoscopic professionals for the film industry
  2. Discuss and Advance the Art of Stereography
  3. Educate Above/Below the line production talent

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What is a "Stereographer"?

A: A Stereographer is an expert in understanding and communicating the technical options and creative opportunities related to the creation of the illusion commonly called "Stereoscopic 3D" or more typically "3D". Still Stereographers typically work alone and in small teams on individual frames or pictures. Motion Stereographers work as part of teams (for example, on a film, television or commercial production crew) engaged in capturing, processing and presenting imagery in real-time or recorded and then played back at a future time.

Part of the mission of ISS is to explore and organize the various roles and responsibilities of stereographers as the 3D industry and profession develop.

Q: What is ISS?

A: ISS is a worldwide community dedicated to furthering the art and craft of stereography and the professional 3D imaging occupation known as "stereographer." We are currently in an early phase of development. We seek input from the professional stereographer community -- still, motion picture, experimental -- to let us know how ISS could add value to their profession.

Modern stereography is a quickly-evolving field. The stereographers who started ISS believe that an online community is an ideal way way to document and influence stereography as a distinct profession.

Please share your thoughts with us, using our contact page.

Q: How can I become a Member of ISS?

ISS "Members" are professional stereographers - people who make all or part of their living as Stereographers. Member candidates undergo rigorous "peer review" of their 3D portfolio by existing Members. Candidates submit their work via ISS's private channel on YouTube (motion 3D) or FlickR (stills 3D), have an extensive Skype and/or IM chat with Members and provide professional recommendations and/or verifiable credits. A detailed explanation of the Membership Review and Granting Process can be found here [link to "Membership" Page].

Q: What criteria does ISS use to evaulate material submitted by a member candidate?

A: ISS Members use a series of objective criteria to evaluate candidate material. Candidates are also internviewed via IM and/or Skype to ascertain their ability to communicate their technical and creative concepts.

Q: What happens if I am not selected for ISS membership?

A: We ask that you continue to work on your material and resubmit at a later time. We hope that the brief written comments Members provide as part of the evalution will help you improve your professional 3D toolset.

Q: How much does ISS Membership cost?

A: There are currently no charges or Fees for membership candidates to have their portfolios reviewed by Members.

In the event a candidate is selected for Membership, ISS will request an optional donation of $100US per year to cover basic operating costs of the organization.

Q: How can I keep up with what ISS is doing if I'm not a Stereographer?

A: The easiest way for non-Members to participate in ISS at present is to follow us via RSS, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Q: What are the benefits of being an ISS Member?

For Members ISS is a:

  1. PORTAL for professional development and education, including Members-only real world and online events such as webinars.
  2. FORUM for thoughtful discussion about stereoscopy and the stereography profession, especially in the evolving areas of:
    -job descriptions and responsibilities
    - best practices
    - compensation & working conditions
    - professional certification
    - terminology, jargon, definitions
  3. COMMUNITY/NETWORK of individuals with similar professional and technical interests and concerns
  4. REFERRAL SERVICE for employment in the stereographic field worldwide
  5. SYMBOL of recognition by one's professional peers
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